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Are you tired of dealing with ongoing sound and video problems at your church?

Do you hear people say that they are distracted by audio and video glitches that ruin their experience of the service?

It is time to solve these problems and upgrade your system - yourselves - affordably - using a professionally designed plan, with step-by-step guidance and support.

You can do this!

We'll show you how.

      The link between the listener and the word...

      When members and visitors can't hear, they don't enjoy the experience and they stop coming.  If you have a problem with your AV system, your service is losing its impact - which is a far greater problem than just "technical difficulties".

      You may be one of the many small churches spread all over the country that are in need of repair, refurbishment and replacement of their current audio and video systems. Like most, you have a limited budget and a major overhaul can cost up to $50,000 . If this is your church - read on and see how ReachOut AV can help.

      In 35 years, we've seen and fixed it all!

      Paul Svenson,  the owner of ReachOut AV, has been in the commercial audio video business for more than 35 years.  His past customers have ranged from churches to schools to commercial buildings as well as specialized customers like the United States Marine Corps and Navy.  His company has installed new systems from York, Maine to Honolulu, Hawaii.  In his work he encountered many churches that couldn't afford a custom, on-site installation. In response, he started ReachOut AV to share his expertise and bring those churches an affordable and effective way to vastly improve their systems.  He knew a program was needed to assess problems and patiently guide clients to make their own adjustments and repairs.  He created simple, clear, effective, methods and spent the last 30 years fine-tuning them.  We will share our knowledge and experience to help you solve problems and make improvements quickly while saving time and money.  

      Do it yourself with professional design and step-by-step guidance!

      Churches often find themselves in locations where reliable, affordable audio video help is unavailable.  Companies that have the knowledge and experience simply won't make the trip - especially when they discover the limited budget.  That's where ReachOut AV is a unique and affordable partner to get your audio video systems fixed at a reasonable cost.

      Each time we talk with you or send instructions by email, we will help you understand why common problems occur, how to resolve them and how to prevent them in the future.     


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      Restore the Joy!

      • Let your audio and video systems serve you and your congregation - free of frustration.
      • Improve your sound by getting rid of hum, buzz, crackle, distortion, radio station interference, dropouts, muffled speech and other annoyances.
      • Clean-up your video system for sharper, more reliable images and easier-to-use controls.
      • Enjoy a system that doesn't require an operator most of the time. 
      • Tune your system to enhance sound for those who are hard of hearing. 

      How it works... 

      • We start with an affordable, professional consultation that shares our proprietary method. 
      • We perform basic system analysis, needs investigation and troubleshooting based upon the information you provide.
      • We create a formal plan for repair and upgrade.
      • We send you all the necessary cables and parts. 
      • You provide a small team of willing people. 
      • We connect using Skype, Facetime or phone (your preference) to patiently and systematically guide you through installing and upgrading your system! 


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      ReachOut AV offers you professional design, personal step-by-step  guidance and ongoing support to successfully do the work yourself .