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ReachOut AV offers a two-phase solution

Phase One - analysis, diagnosis and master plan

Phase Two -  equipment acquisition and installation guidance and support

Phase One - analysis, diagnosis and master plan

This easy-to-complete phase will walk you through a simple process for providing information.  We have created two online forms you will use to answer simple questions about your audio video issues.  In addition, you will provide a complete system inventory and upload pictures as well as audio files for us to analyze.

Once you provide us complete information, we will assess your situation .  We will give you a basic overview of what we believe needs to be done to quickly and affordably repair your system.  You will also be given a cost estimate for the solution we recommend.  The cost estimate reflects our commitment to provide you a quality fix and upgrade that will serve your church for years.

Once we have completed Phase One, you can choose to move forward with Phase Two to complete the repair.

To get started:

Purchase our Phase One analysis package on the ORDER NOW page.  Once you have ordered Phase One, you will be immediately given the links and passwords to open our information-gathering forms.  

Select  your installation team that will do the work.  The team should be at least two, but not more than five people. There must be a decision-making leader who will also be the main point of contact. 

Basic requirements for your installation team:

  • Team leader must have a cell phone and know how to use voicemail and texting.
  • Someone on the team must have a modern laptop computer  (minimum requirement Windows 7, Mac OSX10.4) capable of connecting trouble-free to the Internet and Skype, and familiar with email, MS Word and internet sites.
  • Someone on the team must be empowered to make financial decisions within the original budget.
  • Someone on the team must have a digital camera and know how to upload pictures to the web.
  • Team members must have remote access to email. We will establish an email group for the project.

The team's first activity will be gathering the required information for our analysis.

  1. Complete the information form on the Get Started page (link provided upon purchase of Phase One).
  2. Document your current system with pictures and audio recordings as instructed.
  3. Upload your pictures and audio files to the Upload Page (link provided upon purchase of Phase One) Detailed instructions are provided to assist with the file upload. 
  4. The team will receive a personal email from your project engineer outlining our recommended solution along with an estimated cost. Normal turnaround time is 5-7 business days after we receive all the information from your analysis forms.

Once you have purchased Phase One and received your solution, it is recommended that you proceed to Phase Two.   We can help you complete the work and resolve the problems you are experiencing.   Even so, you are not under any obligation to purchase Phase Two.

PHASE TWO - equipment acquisition and installation guidance and support

Now you're ready to move to Phase Two - our comprehensive consultation, guidance and support package.  Go to the ORDER NOW page to purchase Phase Two services.

You will receive a phone call from your project manager.  He or she will assist you in purchasing all the required equipment to complete the work.   ReachOut AV will gladly acquire the equipment for you (if you prefer), and yet, you are free to order major equipment from any retail or online source* of your choosing.

If you choose to source from a different vendor, all the wiring and installation parts you will need to complete the work must be purchased online from ReachOut AV.  The cost for these accessory items was included in the Phase One estimates.

Phase Two process:

  1. Written instructions will be created and sent to you for the installation process. In addition, we provide a list of required tools.  We recommend purchasing our custom installation kit via the ORDER NOW page so you have the proper tools or you may purchase the tools on your own. Either way, you must have all the required tools available prior to scheduling an installation appointment.
  2. Once you have the equipment, parts, wiring and installation tools, it is time to schedule your installation appointment. We prefer using Skype video conferencing to guide and oversee the installation.  This will require a laptop computer or tablet with internet access in the location of the installation.  Instructions are provided to help you get online with Skype quickly and easily. If you don't have internet access in the building, and can't get it temporarily, we can do the work effectively over the phone to accompany the written instructions. 
  3. We will walk you step-by-step through every detail of the process including repairing infrastructure (wiring, etc.), replacing defective components and/or wiring, installing new equipment and reinstalling useable existing equipment per the master plan.
  4. Once everything is installed, we will explain and guide you through a basic system tune-up for maximum performance and the avoidance of other system issues.
  5. After your first use of the system, you provide ReachOut AV a follow-up report of the experience via an online form (link to be provided upon completion of your installation) .  You document any problems, concerns or adjustments that need to be made to improve the sound and/or video. We also accept any positive comments at this point as well!
  6. Adjustments will be made by email, phone or Skype – whichever is preferred.
  7. Ongoing support is provided by phone and email for 90 days after the installation completion date.

You may purchase our Extended Service Package on the ORDER NOW page.  This will provide you with the same personal support by email, phone, text and Skype for an additional year.

* All equipment required for your repair may be purchased directly from ReachOut AV or from a vendor of your choice. If you wish to purchase from another vendor, we have had good experiences with Sweetwater Sound.  Please call our friend Paul Lea at (800) 222-4700 x-1246 or email him at  Tell him ReachOut AV referred you.