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Paul Svenson  - System Specialist and owner of Reach Out AV

Paul Svenson  - System Specialist and owner of Reach Out AV

Paul Svenson - Owner


Over the past 35 years, my audio video companies have provided professional system design, installation, training and service to hundreds of commercial clients across the nation. The company names and associates have progressed over the years from BlueWater Audio, PS Audio Video and Sound CaseWork; now I am expanding to serve more customers remotely with ReachOut AV.

In the past, my companies serviced small to medium-sized churches, select large churches, various schools and the military. With ReachOut AV, I take all that knowledge and experience and focus it on churches who have audio visual repair and expansion needs, yet do not have the large budgets for custom installations. 

"Mega churches" will spend 20-25% of their construction/remodel budget on audio, video and lights. ReachOut AV understands that it has become necessary for smaller churches to provide a similar experience with clean, coherent sound along with crisp, bright video to enhance their impact, connect with their congregations and remain affordable and easy to maintain.  

As a professional church musician since 1970, I have a unique understanding of "both sides of the microphone" and have worked with many volunteers, music directors, pastors, teachers, administrators, financial people and committees.  Thus, I am comfortable working with all kinds of people and ReachOut AV is able to do so!

Our focus is personal service, remote installations, and customized training for average people who bravely volunteer to be the audio video operators. I am personally involved in every service from the initial consult to the design and proposal preparation, through installation, training and post-installation support.

I will make myself available to ReachOut AV clients to ensure they have a positive experience working with us as well as have peace of mind that we can be reached 24x7 during critical times like Christmas, Palm Sunday, and Easter.


I look forward to working with you!